I am doing the music artist, Rihanna, and i am studying the different cross media she appears in, this includes e-media-website,fan base, twitter,YouTube, i-tunes, print-magazines, TV- interviews.

Rihanna featuring on the popular teen magazine, Seventeen, this is a media cross platform as she is on a magazine, the target audience would be teenage girl aged 14-18, they may aspire to be like Rihanna. She is dressed in very young and playful clothing, her representation is different from the male magazine GQ, as she should look in a wear to relate to young people, this is called branding. Codes and convention for the magazine seventeen is the large pink font, aiming toward the target audience, the layout of the magazine is typical of one aimed towards teenagers, including things like,e.g. new ideas and trends and also prizes. Using words like awesome to relate to the language used by teenagers today.  



The branding of Rihanna in GQ magazine is completely different from that of Seventeen, she is portrayed as this provocate person to the target audience of men. This is the in the form of print. The colours black and red are used, having a more seductive feel to the magazine. This allows her to aim towards many different audience other than just teens, and branching out towards the wider population of people. This could also be an example of gender stereotyping.


This an  prefect example of intertextuality in Rihanna new video, S&M. This is intertextuality as it is two different media being fused together, Rihanna in terms of media and Perez Hilton from the above. In the music it shows Rihanna manipulating the press, showing in the video that she is in control of the media and not media in control of her.

Rihanna-GQThis is one of the image included in GQ magazine, it shows rose, this is symbolic of passion and love, and the fact that it is aimed towards a male audience, would be why this is include in this picture. Wearing black high heels and lingerie and laying down on a bed of roses, this would apply to men in the sense that it is sexy and reveling. In the form of print. It also has a website, RIHANNADAILY.COM, so the audience can also go to the website. The fact that her new album,’LOUD’ has the repeated motif of roses, this could also be promoting her new album. To woman she represented as a very feminine and embracing her sexuality. Audience segment is now used as it is now aimed towards men and adults, whereas , the magazine seventeen is aimed towards toe segregation of the teenage audience.

Rihanna website-This is e-media, this is also a media platform. This allows people to look at her video, this is mostly to people who like her music and videos and also her fans.

Rihanna on i-tunes-This is a online site where people can download there favorite songs form there favorite singers, this allows for the artist to get full coverage when in comes to the world wide web, this is also a technology version to the single and this allows the artist to also get download rating when it comes to the most downloaded tunes.

GUCCIRihanna as endorsement with one of the most fashion designers, Gucci, this is good to illustrate that celebrities are being used because they are well know and this will push across of the sales of the brand, and she is represented as a fashion icon. This as also widen Rihanna influences on the wider population of people.

capital_528284tThe new capital FM advert, features many artist, like Rihanna to Nicole form the pussy cat dolls, this uses them to promote the radio show and gain more listeners and the fact that the radio is one of the best ways for the artist to gain further recognition with audio, and this also help new artist breaking through to the music industries.

The advertisement of Rihanna new perfume, Reb’l Fleur, coming coming out soon. She also has a TV advertisement to promote her perfume. She gains more media coverage, and her fans would want to bur her perfume and to also smell like there favorite artist, and also the industrie that owns the mark is Roraj Trade. In Rihanna song Cheers, it uses synergy because she inter-poles Avril Lavigne song into it.

NEGATIVITY- this is when in the media bad new is highly rated than good new and is more newsworthy.

UNEXPECTEDNESS- This is when a new is out off the ordinary,and people are more likely to read it.


UNEXPECTEDNESS-  As no-one know she was suffering form domestic violence, involving her relationship with Chris brown.

News that Rihanna may have been involved in a lesbian relationship.

NEGATIVITY-As her new video S&M has sparked a lot of drama within the media, as the video was band in many countries and because of the content of it.

Rihanna being sued for copying another persons theme for her new video S&M. Article

REFERENCE TO ELITE PEOPLE- Rihanna is a A-lister.

 Another endorsement Rihanna is the promotion of a lip gloss and appeared on cover girl, this uses codes and convention, because this used image and shows her to be a fun and girly person.

Rihanna have had here fair share of media criticisms for wearing revealing clothes, especially when it comes to the younger audiences. Rihanna new music video form her album Loud, S&M standing as sadomasochism, this was banded in over 10 countries in the world, and this could link in with the problem of censorship and the watershed as it is very inappropriate in so aspects of the music video, and could be harmful to some younger viewer.

 Rihanna’s backstage interview

Rihanna is representated as a very eleagant and senusal peson on the cover of the new vogue magazine that is going to be out to buy soon wearing a sheer dress.




rihanna-perfume advart










 Rihanna perfumeuntitled








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